If we are already committed, we just need to find a sport which we can enthusiastically  do for a certain period of time for our benefit. Here are a short list of some popular sports to make the decision easier.


An all time classic which does not require too much introduction. Anyone can do it according to one’s fitness and pace, and with just a small expenditure, anytime (except people with overweight and heart condition, they should consult their doctor first).

A good quality (!) running shoe is absolutely essential, without this running, while a very useful sport will neither be confortable nor enjoyable or healthy. The good news for those who mainly want to lose weight, that the burning of calories is the most effective with slower pace (like jogging, while you can even have a chat).

Nordic walking

Today people or groups walking with poles look like ski poles are receiving less and less strange looks. One might think that this is only the sport of the elderly and the beginner sport enthusiasts, but this is not true, as it gives an excellent exercise for the body and the soul, moreover it provides great stamina. The pace of walking should be high enough to increase heart rate to a level of a workout. Its ideal place is the nature and the best if we can join a group.


Of course it is a good thing if someone is using his/her bicycle for the daily commute. But this doesn’t mean sport, as the speed in the city doesn’t get a serious exercise for the body. The cycling, which can be called sport is intensive, faster and if we can afford it go off-road, to hills or mountains. This can be an great exercise as we let the muscles of the thigh and abs work, furthermore the whole body and the arms have an important role in keeping the balance while climbing and descending. For those who prefer indoor workout, spinning is a perfect alternative, where we can take part in a virtual cycling trip in company, while listening music. Cycling is ideal for those who can’t run because of bad knees or recovering from injuries.


The choreographed aerobic classes are helping us to keep on moving, as the music and the company gives extra energy to those ones who are less fit. We have such a wide selection of these kind of classes, that everyone can find a suitable one, which fits our fitness level, taste (in music) and aptitude. The step aerobic, the kick box aerobic or the hot iron are all give different things. One such class can help burning calories similar to running or even more than that amount.


Some, instead of working and sweating wants to have a classy, more refined physical activity. There are an increasing number of fitness places which provide such activities as well: e.g. port de bras (ballet-like), Latin dance, hip-hop dance, zumba. It is an enjoyable recreation with good calorie burning.


Swimming requires relatively much energy, but this depends on greatly the pace of the swimming, and the fitness, age, weight etc. of the swimmer. In average over 400 calories can be burnt in an hour. This is a particularly good sport, as there are no straining on joints and they are not wearing, which is very good for people who are suffering from overweight and bad knees.


Calorie usage in 40 minutes of exercise, calculated for a woman of 60kg:

  • Running (10 km/h): 374 calories
  • Jogging (6,5 km/h – 9min/km): 168 calories
  • Nordic walking: 180-200 calories
  • Aerobic: 240 calories
  • Swimming: 230 calories
  • Cycling (20-25 km/h): 300-380 calories